Yuletide Corners of our Home

Everything over here recently has received a touch of the holiday spirit. And what I mean by spirit, is that essence of the winter, marked by long nights that begin sometime around 4:00 pm followed by an early 7:30 am wake up call, both cold and both dark. It seems that humans have always needed to break up these long dark nights with a bit of spirit, of cheerfulness, and of course lights! For our family we celebrate both Yule and Solstice. Mostly we celebrate Yule on the 25th because the whole city shuts down for this day and because why not celebrate! Solstice for us is a big night, and I have to laugh here because of course it is a big night–it is the longest night of the year!! haha.

So inspired by all of this winter cheerfulness I went around the house  and yard and took some photos of different corners that have been touched by my winter cheer…… It all started with an early solstice gift from my son, bought at the German winter market….an Amanita mushroom with a chimney that smokes when incense is lighted from the inside *swoon* and as usual  once it was placed the entire mantle found itself set up as a yule altar.

wowPicMonkey Collage

Of course my studio got some it’s own new decorations, including one of Rima Staines new calendars which is simply divine, and some tribal doorway hangings which originally were bought for my red tent, but these may have to stay here when they are not in use elsewhere…

wow2PicMonkey Collage

The kitchen which is my favourite place next to my studio also was touched with evergreens and pomegranates, and stacks of my latest winter reading material…

wow1PicMonkey Collage

Lastly our sweet yard was touched by Cailleach mother winter herself, and she left us the most beautiful snow followed by days of bright sunshine!

wow4PicMonkey Collage

There has been savoury baking, and the promise of our Pommegranite Blackberry mead being ready for bottling, which I shall do next week sometime with Sarah, and probably blog about the mischief we get up to!

wow6PicMonkey Collage

Yes this year has been a good one, full of blessings both large and small, the kind that make up daily living and for which I feel go eternally grateful!

What does your house look like right now?

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