Holiday Giveaway and Musings on Business and Abundance

So all of this crazy Black Friday and crazy early Christmas Holiday stuff has got me thinking lately. Mostly because here in Canada we do not have the Black Friday tradition, never have, until–well, until the past few years when Canadian small businesses have felt the need to follow suit to meet the demands of loosing customers across the border. Now I am not a big proponent of buying stuff because it is on sale, mostly because I hate large crowds, and well, I usually do not need anything. But as a super small business, and a woman who in the past has played the marketing game, I have a modicum of understanding abut how these things work, and I have to laugh because it is exactly this that had me up and selling my last business in the first place! You see even though I was selling beautiful home birth kits and holistic products, at the end of the day I was still “selling” and tied deeply to a business.

What I do now is so so different from what I was doing before and yet, there is still the business aspect to it, yup at the end of the day I am still a small business–verrrry small, but you get the idea…

However, the essence of the work I do in the creation of spirit jewelry, shamanic tools and ceremony is a big part of my spiritual practise, every piece that I create takes on it’s own energy and feeling. Every time I craft something and then offer it up, my heart thumps a little, and when it finds it’s home, I love knowing that someone will receive their necklace or tool it will become a cherished part of their lives.


 It is the same for the ceremony work I do, and the drum workshops I offer, all of it a powerful and integral part of my own spiritual practise. AND over the past 2 years my Giveaways have also become a big part of that practise. It has become tradition that 4 times a year I select a necklace or drum from my offerings and give it away. The idea of abundance and giving as a spiritual practise is not a new one, cultures around the world have been doing it forever. My offering sometimes feel small, but I feel it is the least I can do. Not only that, but each time a friend or someone who likes my work shares it with a friend that wonderful phenomenon of sharing happens and the old fashioned “word of mouth” thing makes it’s magic, allowing people to find me and perhaps something special they have been longing for. As a small business I have literally No budget for marketing, so giving away feels like the right thing to do, and in return folks find me–this to me, is the song at the heart of doing what I love and in turn makes me feel so abundant.

And so with out further ado, I am having a BIG holiday giveaway this year with 2 chances to win!

In package #1{See Above}: Is a make your own rattle kit with everything except the handle you need to make a rattle, from the corn and crystals inside to a small piece of wolf fur and beads for decoration on the outside, all you need is a hot glue gun. This also comes with a package of Sacred Blend tea by the Canadian Algonquin tea company.

And in package #2: A Chryscolla necklace with 2 fantastic locally made chocolate bars, one Chai and Caramel and the other a large Cranberries and Blueberries.


To win all you need to do is :

1: Hit “Like” on our Facebook Page.

2: Share the contest image on your  facebook page and with friends.

3: Leave a comment either here at the blog or over at the facebook page.

We will choose a winner 2 weeks from now on December 15th so there is more then enough time to get to you before the holidays begin.

 Good Luck Everyone 
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